Civilizations once and today – Goals of the trip

Why archaeology?

From 2006 to 2015 I studied archaeology at the University of Basel. Classical archaeology put the focus on the civilizations of the Mediterranean sea, prae- and protohistory on the contrary on central Europe. This continuous comparison between regions and times brings a certain sensibility for « foreign » cultures.

The most special experiences in the life of an archaeologist are the excavations. They may work as « illuminations » and promote strongly contact to other « alien » people. In Ostia (Rom, Italy) I learnt living in a tiny, airless room together with six crazy, uninhibited French; in Xanten (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany) I started life-long friendships with Germans, Austrians, Bulgarians and Croats in the course of an European field project; in Egypt I learnt knowing the local administration with a lot of patience and enjoyed the incredibly friendly way and hospitality of Egyptian workers.

All of these are experiences that marked someone… Because of this, it was almost logical for me to continue on this way and prepared myself for this world trip!

Why with the bicycle?

Almost everybody drives bicycle – in different intensities. Several life experiences made that it became my favorite transport – and sometimes the main one. 2009 the father of my ex girlfriend gave me his racing bicycle, which he didn’t need anymore – it was the decisive trigger. 2011 and 2012 I went on three important tours, which convinced me that I could actually manage it to go around the world.

The advantages, that cycling world travelers always mention, are these:

-The reduced speed allows to enjoy the landscape on another level

-The meetings with local people are almost obligatory and constant

-The ecology

What’s the goal of the trip?

The thread of the trip will be the visit of archaeological sites. It will be a goal to understand better the movements in cultures, to compare regions of the world and to meet people.

1436896493Approximate planned trip 2015-2016


Auteur : archaeobike

Archaeologist on a bicycle trip

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