Johann Savary


  • Born in Lausanne (VD, Switzerland) the 23.02.1987
  • Grew up in Oron-la-Ville (VD, Switzerland), Gillarens (FR, Switzerland) and Vauderens (FR, Switzerland)
  • Actual residence: Basel (BS, Switzerland)


  • Highschool in Bulle (FR, Switzerland)
  • Classical archaeology, prae- and protohistory and provincial roman archaeology at the University of Basel (BS, Switzerland) with an Erasmus-semester in Berlin (D) during the spring semester of 2012.


  • Auxiliary assistant in classical archaeology at University of Basel, 2008-2010 (30%)
  • Assistant in the department of finds at the regional archaeology of canton Basel-countryside (Liestal, BL, Switzerland), 2010-2015 (30%)

Excavations/archaeological works

  • 2007-2009: Ostia Antica (Rom, Italy) – roman city
  • 2008: Xanten (Nordrhein-Westphalen, Germany) – roman city
  • 2009: Mourre-de-la-Barque (Manosque, France) – neolithic shelter
  • 2010: Eretria (Euboea, Greece) – greek-roman city (roman baths/chalk oven)
  • 2011: Kaiseraugst (AG, Switzerland) – roman city
  • 2012: Korça (Albania) – survey (sites from the neolithic to the middle age)
  • 2013: Luxor (Egypt) – scientific drawing of ceramic of the tomb of a nobleman.
  • 2017: Triengen (Lucern, Switzerland) – roman villa
  • 2017: Oensingen (Solothurn, Switzerland) – roman villa and early medieval graves

Diverse surveys and projects in collaboration with the University in Windisch (AG, Switzerland), Lungern (OW, Switzerland) and Augst (BL, Switzerland).