Become a Sponsor? You can help me with a financial aid (Raiffeisen-Bank, CH81 8148 6000 0076 0145 9) to help me develop my website, to film youtube videos about cycling and archaeology and to work on my book project. Thanks in advance!


(last actualization: octobre 2016)


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Rahel Ackermann

Laura Caspers

Reto Fehr

Kathrin Gabler

Christine Gugel and Kola-Team

Toya Jordan

Patricia Lambelet and Family

Erik Martin and Peter Roth

Elena Mazzei and Alain Anderhub, Isabelle Tanner-Egg and Pascal Tanner

Guillaume Savary

Liliane Savary

Roland Savary

Roman Schmidig


I’m not citing here all the many people who helped me on the way with hospitality and diverse gifts, but my thoughts go to you too!